June 22nd - 23rd 2017
(Thursday - Friday) Las Vegas, Nevada

A Meeting for Successful Life Insurance Producers

What's Working Now & Philosophy

Producers' Planet is for successful Life Insurance agents who want to be part of a group that has good ethics, strong morals and a desire to help as many people as possible.


It is for agents who want to benefit from the knowledge, experience and friendship of other successful people, and have a leadership role in welcoming others into the profession and into our community.


It is a philosophy group for life insurance producers. If you have strong values and a strong philosophy, you know the importance of being around like-minded people who will help you grow. That’s what Producers' Planet is for.


If you want to experience the values and listen to the philosophy of successful producers and business people, this is a great place to be.


If you are someone who is NOT into hypee stuff and wants to be part of a group who shares your philosophy and core values, Producers' Planet may be a good fit for you.


If you’re just looking for the next product that pays the biggest commission, or to switch agencies, or to get a “sales pitch in a can” then this definitely isn’t your gig!


To sum it all up, Producers' Planet is a philosophy group for successful life insurance producers. It’s about the results, the philosophy and the values of successful producers and business people.

7 Reasons why you want to come to Producers' Planet:

  1. You will be able to connect and network with financial professionals from around the planet
  2. You will learn how to market effectively through videos
  3. You will learn how to better communicate on stage and in person
  4. You will get the latest research & updates on Policy Design
  5. You will learn the best way to compare policy illustrations
  6. You will get access to loan and amortization software to better service your clients
  7. You will get access to proven sales generating material, and presentations

2017 topics:

  • Helpful Research and Statistics to use in this economy
  • Succinct & Powerful Answers to Common Questions
  • Big marketing traps that you want to avoid to save money
  • The simplest way to explain types of life insurance to any client
  • Case Studies
  • Using the "Two Rules" to get anyone started with policies and a GAME plan

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